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We have high cloudiness now; but early after the fog we briefly had filtered sunshine. The place where I usually find nesting warblers is underwater. On the opposite side of the Little Buffalo River the banks are higher and I was able to get 2 fairly good photos of a male Blue Winged Warbler with a EF600L IS f/4.0 Lens on a Canon 7D with and 1.4X Extender; this was a very long shot:

IMG_9685 IMG_9690

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Closest I ever got to a (very hard to find) Hooded Warbler and I think one of the best portraits of a bird I ever took; was within 20 feet of him; came back with 100 mosquito bites and a dozen ticks – now removed:


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Got these today but I never got as close to him as I wanted. They are common migrants to Arkansas for nesting (they are here April to August). The male, like this bird, have a rusty splotch on their upper breast. Normally they are more curious and I can get up close. These taken from 80 yards:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 IMG_8231 IMG_8238

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Pictures taken 2/11 next to the Little Buffalo River:










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It about 50F at lunchtime today. I took a sandwich down to the river for a change. The water is clear and blue and I noticed a forsythia starting to bloom and crocus and daffodils starting to open; lovely. Bluebirds appear paired up and looking to nest soon. May go fishing this afternoon.




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Using my favorite lens, a Canon EF300L IS f/2.8 with a 1.4X Extender on a Canon 7D, I got this photo of two Bald Eagles (juveniles; about 2-4 years old is my guess) from 200 yards on the Little Buffalo River yesterday. My best guess is the eagle on the left is a female. Next year they will probably have white heads and tails.




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I stalked this hawk for about 30 minutes, just as I got in position (still with backlighting – which I hate, but was necessary for these photos), the hawk bolted – I only got off 3 shots; very poor photos but they do show the Red Shoulder’s wing pattern. Photos are very sparse this time of the year – near the Little Buffalo River about 1 PM yesterday:





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