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We have high cloudiness now; but early after the fog we briefly had filtered sunshine. The place where I usually find nesting warblers is underwater. On the opposite side of the Little Buffalo River the banks are higher and I was able to get 2 fairly good photos of a male Blue Winged Warbler with a EF600L IS f/4.0 Lens on a Canon 7D with and 1.4X Extender; this was a very long shot:

IMG_9685 IMG_9690

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Closest I ever got to a (very hard to find) Hooded Warbler and I think one of the best portraits of a bird I ever took; was within 20 feet of him; came back with 100 mosquito bites and a dozen ticks – now removed:


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Got these today but I never got as close to him as I wanted. They are common migrants to Arkansas for nesting (they are here April to August). The male, like this bird, have a rusty splotch on their upper breast. Normally they are more curious and I can get up close. These taken from 80 yards:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 IMG_8231 IMG_8238

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Pictures taken 2/11 next to the Little Buffalo River:










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It about 50F at lunchtime today. I took a sandwich down to the river for a change. The water is clear and blue and I noticed a forsythia starting to bloom and crocus and daffodils starting to open; lovely. Bluebirds appear paired up and looking to nest soon. May go fishing this afternoon.




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Using my favorite lens, a Canon EF300L IS f/2.8 with a 1.4X Extender on a Canon 7D, I got this photo of two Bald Eagles (juveniles; about 2-4 years old is my guess) from 200 yards on the Little Buffalo River yesterday. My best guess is the eagle on the left is a female. Next year they will probably have white heads and tails.




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I stalked this hawk for about 30 minutes, just as I got in position (still with backlighting – which I hate, but was necessary for these photos), the hawk bolted – I only got off 3 shots; very poor photos but they do show the Red Shoulder’s wing pattern. Photos are very sparse this time of the year – near the Little Buffalo River about 1 PM yesterday:





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This mated pair working along a small creek which flows into the Little Buffalo River yesterday prior to the rains – they ate about 6-8 frogs. Fun to watch them to work.

Click to enlarge the hawk with frog photo.



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The low side of Henderson Mountain facing north, is in view in this photo and also its reflection. If you look closely, you may be able to see the highway winding up the side of the mountain. Henderson Mountain is about 10 miles long and has several points. Photo taken from Parthenon, Arkansas:



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