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The mating ritual was in full display yesterday; a male attracts a female to look at a house (house hunting). She is moderately impressed; but makes him continue the courting ritual for about 2 hours. She still does not accept the box and, so in a final attempt to get her attention, he starts to gather grass for the nest in hopes that she will follow – she does not  –  yet !!  He tries wing – wags, one and both, flies circles around the house, goes in to show her it is safe, comes out, makes several more short flights (never more than 10 feet from the house); finally, she approaches the house, checks the view, and leaves, flies back twice, once while he is in the box, sets on top, he looks for approval, she seem impressed but is not ready and leaves to land on a nearly post and watch while he attempts to pick up and take grass to the house. She watches. In the end nothing is decided.













* All photos taken handled (no tripod) by a Canon 50D with a Canon 400 f/5.6 lens at ISO 500 and TV=1/2,000 sec.

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First off: so far, we’ve gotten 1.5 inches of rain with more is on the way today (Sunday). That is fantastic !! We should have waterfalls this week.

I saw two Pileated Woodpeckers tearing apart a big log Friday, looking to ants and termites, and had my camera, so I got a few photos. They were so busy, I did not disturb them by watching from about 100 feet. The male and female both have large red tufts, the male has a red stripe on his cheek. The female has a brown forehead and a white stripped cheek. These are really large woodpeckers (crow sized) at least and very vocal at times; I have included 3 female photos and 2 male photos in the Friday group:



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Most of the Lower Buffalo Wilderness Area Will be Closed in March for Prescribed Burning:

From March 1st – 31st, Buffalo National River will conduct a controlled burn inside the Lower Buffalo Wilderness area. The 11,284 acre Lower Buffalo Wilderness Prescribed Fire unit is located in southeast Marion County approximately 7 miles southeast of Flippin. The entire unit is expected to require less than 30 days to actually ignite, but to ensure safety; the area will be closed to the public for the entire period.

One of the purposes for conducting a prescribed burn is to reduce the hazardous fuels that could possibly lead to catastrophic wildfires, but there are a myriad of other benefits. For example, prescribed burns promote the restoration of post oak savannas and cedar glades areas, as well as lowers the risk potential of various forest diseases. Also, prescribed burns improve wildlife habitat and diversity.

Closing will occur on the north side of the Buffalo River inside the Lower Buffalo Wilderness. The boundary of the closed area follows a line from the White River along the Buffalo River upstream to the west and north to Cedar Creek access; then east along the park boundary to the White River; and then south downstream along the White River to the Buffalo River. Cedar Creek access will be closed only during periods of actual burn operations. The river corridor will not close at any time. Canoes and john boats will continue to have river access while camping will be allowed on gravel bars.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, United State Forest Service, Arkansas Forestry Commission, and Rea Valley Volunteer Fire Department will assist with the burn.


25921_528072380565662_14856023_ner Buffalo closed to the Public March 1

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