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Found these two beauties building a nest near Pruitt, Arkansas this morning at 8:00n AM. I used a Canon 50D and a Canon EF400 f/5.6 L to take about 175 photos of their nesting activities.

The White eyed Vireo is a small and secretive bird of shrubby areas of the eastern and southern United States, the White-eyed Vireo is more noticeable for its explosive song than its looks.

Nest Description

Nest an open cup suspended by rim from fork of small branch in tree. Made of leaves, bark, plant fibers, rootlets, or bits of paper, held together with insect silk and spider webbing, and decorated on outside with lichens, moss, or leaves. Lined with rootlets, fine grass, or hair. Placed low to ground.


IMG_9030 IMG_9031 IMG_9033



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