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Notice the orange decor on his wings – handsome birds ! :



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Photo amen near Parthenon, Arkansas. Everyone, have a nice memorial day !!




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This is sort of funny ! This young male (probably un-mated) Summer Tanager spent an hour stealing freshly woven nesting material from a hardworking female American Redstart. Each time she would leave the nest to gather more nesting material, the pilfering Tanager, watching from high from the next tree over, would fly down and steal the materials she just brought to the nest. She made no headway in 20 trips during that hour. She never caught him stealing but you have to wonder what she was thinking after all that work ?

and ON and ON it goes !!!








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Weird !  In a year where everything seemed late and then stayed in bloom along time; The highest and coldest areas go the Boston Mountain range some Red-buds are still at peak. Ox-eye daisies usually bloom May 15 – June 1. So this is unusual.


Ox eye Daisy

Ox eye Daisy

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I have been feeding the American Goldfinches all winter long (since November 15) and I probably have about 150-200 finches at this time. Very few House and Purple finches have visited the feeders so far. I have 4 tube feeders with Nijer Seed and they are always full of hungry finches. This has cost me $120+ per month this year. There are 2 River Birches that they line up on; in a feeding queue, and wait their turn at the feeders. It becomes really chaotic at times.

Lately there has been more fights and and quarrels than in past weeks; they are also beginning to show some yellow from an ongoing molt. These birds do not nest until late summer; when the seeds are plentiful, but will take Nijer seed all year around. American Goldfinch males will turn bright yellow within 30-45 days and the females will stay an olive-yellow color. The males also have a completely black forehead after the molt is complete.






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More …… in this mornings thunderstorm, in a continuing series of the nesting of a redheaded woodpeckers near the Little Buffalo River just west of Parthenon:



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Try as I may, I cannot keep this guy from tearing up a rail, even after I tried to repair it ! I’m happy though because the population here is doing real well. Got about an inch of rain last night and early this morning around 4:30 – 5:30 AM with some bright lightening; the creeks and waterfalls will be running today.



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