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I visited Richland Wilderness on Friday afternoon. I got out and walked a bit on the south end of the Creek. The Witch Hazel is in bloom and very fragrant now. My favorite place after 50 years. It is still wild. with no trails; except a rough trail blazed to Richland Creek from the small camping spot above the bridge on the South side of the creek, below the confluence with the Devil’s Fork. There has been a lot of road construction¬†on the north entrance; I don’t like what they have done; it will take 20 years to regenerate what they destroyed. Saw a bunch of Northern Cardinals at the re-routed entrance also.

The southern entrance remains the same expect a few more houses each year. The south entrance road is badly washboarded for 7 miles. The northern entrance has been re-routed, best I can tell (up near Iceledo Gap). There has been very heavy logging near the north entrance also. All in all, it was a beautiful day with highs about 44F. Left through the south entrance road paralleling Falling Water Creek:








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Woke up to 47F this morning and its about 70F at noon and beautiful. A few of the later greening trees are starting to get their leaves now (i.e.. Black Walnuts, Sweet Gums, Sycamores). There was heavy fog at dawn and a female cardinal was watching her nest:



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The high temperature Thursday was 34F, the low was 34F. A storm is coming this weekend; probably later today. Need the water badly; but my mood needs sunshine. Took this photo of a Northern Cardinal thursday afternoon — this says it all about our very late Arkansas spring:



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Happy, signing, and alert this morning. Cardinals have started their spring-time nesting calls this past week:


IMG_3512 IMG_3514

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We got real close to an inch of rain yesterday and into last night; enough to bring the rivers up and flush them out. Its cold (28F and windy at 10:00 AM today) a few flurries in the air. The Buffalo River at Ponca came up about 2′ overnight and Richland Creek came up 3-4 feet overnight. I’d like to go to Falling Water Creek today but have too much to do.

To the south and east of Parthenon, rainfall amounts were staggering; 4-6″ and many records were set. The only wold bird stirring in this wind and cold were Cardinals:



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