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Taken this morning at 9 AM:

IMG_8769 IMG_8773 IMG_8787 IMG_8803 IMG_8806 IMG_8834 IMG_8847 IMG_8868 IMG_8899 IMG_8908

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Got these today but I never got as close to him as I wanted. They are common migrants to Arkansas for nesting (they are here April to August). The male, like this bird, have a rusty splotch on their upper breast. Normally they are more curious and I can get up close. These taken from 80 yards:

IMG_8227 IMG_8228 IMG_8231 IMG_8238

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This morning I went out to the back shed. I always carry my birding camera. First thing i noticed was 2 small yellow birds high up in and walnut tree. There is an old Elm tree next to it. I made a “pishing” sound and they immediately came down to investigate. While the male watched me from 20 feet in the air the female seemed contented to glean insects form lower Elm leaves. They watched me for about 20 minutes.

The Parula is a small warbler of the upper tree canopy, the Northern Parula can be found in two rather distinct populations. The southern population nests primarily in hanging Spanish moss, while the northern population uses the similar-looking beard lichen. These are tropical birds from South and Central America that migrate up to Arkansas and Missouri to breed.

Adult Description

Vey small songbird.
Blue-gray hood and wings.
Yellow chest with black and reddish band across it.
White crescents above and below eyes.
Green back.
Two white wingbars.
Immature Description
Similar to female, but more green on upperparts.

The first 4 photos are of the Female and the second 4 of the male with his maroon-chestnut bib:

















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