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On my Bluebird Trail, I have 6 house; 3 occupied, five hatchlings each. I believe they are about 4-5 days from fledging. The male and female are making hourly flights at 4-5 minute intervals; then a pause for 20-30 minutes; then feed again for an hour. also, it is early enough in the spring for a 2nd brood; they will likely change houses. Carolina Chickadees used 2 of the 6 houses too.

IMG_9542 IMG_9454

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Very pleased ! ¬†We got over 0.9 inches of rain by dawn and a few mored 1/100’s since then; possibly a little more to come today before it turns much cooler and dries out for the weekend. I saw several “out of normal range” Western Kingbirds yesterday. They are very pretty with a fluffy yellow underside but a typical Kingbird squared tail and wings. They have taken to a Black Walnut tree in the yard from which the hunt insects:



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It is very unusual to see a banded bird here in NW Arkansas (for me anyway). Here is an American Goldfinch with a double band on its leg. She is feasting on the huge thistle crop this year. Goldfinches are late nesters here in Arkansas; they wait for the seed crop to come in – so they are just now starting nesting, as the other birds are winding down their nesting activity:


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Just a picture from Lost Valley last Wednesday with a Canon G15; notice thew color saturation with cloudy skies.


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