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We got 2.01 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. I took these yesterday at the Ponca bridges. Adds Creek was running muddy, so the water above the low-water bridge was clear, and below the high bridge was murky to cloudy. It appears the first color peak will be in 7-10  days if the forecast for clear cooler weather for 7 days holds. The day was rainy, cloudy, and not much light getting through the clouds Рthat type of day tends to highly saturate the colors:




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We got 1.21 inches of rain yesterday (Saturday) following about 0.80 the previous 2 days which brings the month of October total to over 2.0 inches. It was 42 degrees at dawn this morning. I am looking for the upper 30s on Monday morning. Since I live close to and surrounded by National Parks and US Forest Service land; it has been impossible to get around for photography due to the government shutdown.

While the US government plays games (an they are silly); all we can do it WAIT while both sides bargain with money they DO NOT HAVE (funny money). It is sad to see it come to this !!

I do spend lots of time doing necessary yard work and planting winter crops for wildlife.

The Eastern Bluebirds have been keeping me company the whole time and enjoy using my lawnmower handle as a lookout for insects:





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