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The pair of juvenile male Pileated Woodpeckers in the woods behind my place, went for a training trip with Dad today. The two fledglings are both males, the third, a female, hangs out with her Mom all day. These babies were born in a second re-nest after a storm toppled their trees in late-June. The parents were brave and successful and the juveniles look healthy and strong; and none too soon. Warning, the photos are blurry from and incorrect shutter speed setting of 1/60th second – I was very angry with myself, used a Canon 50D set at f/11 and a Canon EF400L f/5.6 in low light with an ISO of 200 (bad planning) !!!!








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First off: so far, we’ve gotten 1.5 inches of rain with more is on the way today (Sunday). That is fantastic !! We should have waterfalls this week.

I saw two Pileated Woodpeckers tearing apart a big log Friday, looking to ants and termites, and had my camera, so I got a few photos. They were so busy, I did not disturb them by watching from about 100 feet. The male and female both have large red tufts, the male has a red stripe on his cheek. The female has a brown forehead and a white stripped cheek. These are really large woodpeckers (crow sized) at least and very vocal at times; I have included 3 female photos and 2 male photos in the Friday group:



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