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I drove to Ponca yesterday with my sister and her friend Karlene to see if we could find the Elk Herds; we did ! Three harems of 30-50 cows right before sundown. It was a gorgeous evening with temperatures in the mid-60’s down about 10 to 20 degrees from the previous days. A few horse riders were riding the Buffalo River Valley in the very late day sun. Upon arriving, we walked half way to Steel Creek on the BRT and back to Ponca (about 2 miles), where a got a few pictures with my point and shoot Canon S95. The trail was nice with Beech Trees lighting the way with yellow and rust; this species will not loose it’s leaves until mid-spring. Boxley Pond was equally scenic with the sun falling behind us. The day couldn’t have been more pleasant; one of those 10’s that are so common down here.

This morning it rained briefly about 0.02 so far and its about 60 at 11 AM and sunny, with a chance for more showers today then warmer the rest of this week.

Buffalo River at Ponca

Horeses and riders in the Buffalo Valley

Bull Elk and Harem

Reflection on Boxley Pond — late day

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