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On Wednesday, in the early morning, I walked up Clark Creek to the natural bridge at Lost Valley. What a beautiful morning with a few Service Berry, and Shadbush (Popcorn) trees busting out in bloom. Some clear water flowing to the point where it usually goes underground in the Clark Creek creek-bed. Temperatures were in the 60s and sunny.

By 4 PM Severe Thunderstorms broke out in multiple lines. We had 7 Severe thunderstorm warnings that afternoon and evening. The first was at 4:30 PM and the last at 3 AM the next day, Thursday. WOW, how lucky I was not to received any major damage !


9:40 AM - Clark Creek

9:40 AM – Clark Creek

4:40 PM - Front Yard

4:40 PM – Front Yard

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I love the Boxley Pond !! …….. but it sure needs work. Went back today, a week later and did not see any more Mergansers but saw a few pairs of beautiful Wood Ducks (male pictured). It reached near 50 today and finally the ice is gone !



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I drove down to Steel Creek today (2/13) and saw a small group of deer (mostly does) and a herd of Elk with the Bull watching his harem. Two of the largest does were sparring (boxing while standing on hind legs). They do this a lots in the spring long before dropping fawns to claim a grazing territory. Its’ mostly pointless, but it is a strong instinct:










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I started the day at Lost Valley; with flurries and low 20’s after a night of high North winds. Over at Lost Valley the water was running well in Clark Creek and the Beech Tees offered a nice contrast:







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and a juvenile hawk warming today near Ponca:


86BW5001_tonemapped 2


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Above the clouds and rain

Above the clouds and rain

We have accumulated 6.85 inches of rain here in the mountains during the past 2 and 1/2 days. I left at 9 AM and got a photo from AR 327. This is unusual for October, usually our nicest month temperature and precipitation wise. The Buffalo River at Ponca is 6″ over the bridge and rising fast. On the way back from Ponca, I got into some clear skies and took the 2nd photo but more thundershowers are on the way. The trees in the Bostons are still mostly green so a few weeks are needed yet for full color.


Ponca Bridge

Ponca Bridge

Boston Mtn Range looking towards Parthenon on AR 74

Boston Mtn Range looking towards Parthenon on AR 74




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From a PC from 1966:



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Some very poor photos, at great distances (except the second one where the crow is in a tree), of White Winged Crow near the Ponca, Arkansas on the Buffalo River. These crows are part albino. Leucism, is, unusual plumage condition caused by a genetic mutation that prevents pigment, particularly melanin, from being properly deposited on a bird’s feathers. As a result, the birds do not have the normal, classic plumage colors listed in field guides, and instead the plumage have several color changes. I think they are very handsome birds:








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During the 1960’s and until the later-1970s a duple of rock about a mile below Ponca and above Roark Bluff gave problems to canoeists of the day. Even though the Buffalo River is rated as a Class 1 and occasionally Class 2 River, these rocks caused problems for about 50% of the canoeists. The issue was a large rock in the middle of the river which forced canoeists to the right into a rocky bank. Experienced canoeists had little problem going to the left of the whole obstruction. Going between rocks was also possible but required good ferrying and stopping skills.

During the floods of the late 1970s to the mid-1980’s the rocks where moved and buried by the flooding waters; and there is no longer a narrowed passage. Photos follow from the mid-1970’s:


1978 Jul 0028b

1978 Jul 0022

1978 Jul 0023

1978 Jul 0030



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