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We got 1.21 inches of rain yesterday (Saturday) following about 0.80 the previous 2 days which brings the month of October total to over 2.0 inches. It was 42 degrees at dawn this morning. I am looking for the upper 30s on Monday morning. Since I live close to and surrounded by National Parks and US Forest Service land; it has been impossible to get around for photography due to the government shutdown.

While the US government plays games (an they are silly); all we can do it WAIT while both sides bargain with money they DO NOT HAVE (funny money). It is sad to see it come to this !!

I do spend lots of time doing necessary yard work and planting winter crops for wildlife.

The Eastern Bluebirds have been keeping me company the whole time and enjoy using my lawnmower handle as a lookout for insects:





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Its beautiful outside this morning but very humid. We did get another 1/2″ exactly, of rain yesterday. Colors on the trees are beginning to show. Some sweetgums are beautiful now with their purples, oranges, and yellows. It is supposed to get stormy tonight (possible severe weather) and much colder on Sunday and very cold early next week (30’s).

Last evening I sat out in the yard and watched the juvenile bluebirds and a few Willow flycatchers which are still in migration. The Bluebirds do winter here:






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It is raining right now. It has been for 10 minutes after the 1/3″ we got Wednesday afternoon in a quick 10 minute thundershower. It really poured for 5 minutes (6.82 inches  per hour rate). I woke this morning a 5:45 AM to complete darkness. It was cloudy with little moonlight and a good way until sunrise. I wen to the Jasper Farm Store and Bob’s Hardware to pick up a few items. On the way back to Murray Road, the sun came out briefly and I got a ;picture of the hay bales along Highway 327. We are supposed to get a few thundershowers today, tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, then the coldest air of this fall season is expected to penetrate into NW Arkansas with lows in the mid-30’s. Looking forward to it !!!!


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Very pleased !  We got over 0.9 inches of rain by dawn and a few mored 1/100’s since then; possibly a little more to come today before it turns much cooler and dries out for the weekend. I saw several “out of normal range” Western Kingbirds yesterday. They are very pretty with a fluffy yellow underside but a typical Kingbird squared tail and wings. They have taken to a Black Walnut tree in the yard from which the hunt insects:



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Canoes line all streets, not the just Highway 7 in Jasper:


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To borrow a friends quote “Rain, Glorious Rain” !!

Got 0.80 inches yersterday afternoon in a fast moving storm, then 4 hours of light rain and drizzle. Glorious !! Then had a thunder shower at 5 AM and added another 0.06; more rain possibly today (there is a flash flood warning just SW of me) and I i can see the dark skies tho the west.

Yesterday, I saw 2 fawns experiencing the first thunderstorm (born 6/10 – no storms since) in the field behind my house. They looked to be hiding in rolls of grass; and one eventually got up, (startled) after a huge crash of thunder:





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Other then a brief thundershower on the 15th (got 0.09 inches) its been quiet here in the mountains; the in night the insects have really started screaming afterr dark. I hope we get some forcasted rain this Sunday because we are starting into another drought here in NW Arkansas. There has been a burn ban on for 3 weeks now. The thistle is just about done blooming but I did get a phopto of two Fritillaries on the last thistle heads:



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A little wet from spashing in a man-made puddle, this Hairy Woodpecker (probably 8 weeks old or less) has spent lots of time trying to cool off in the water. We really need rain badly. It is in the forecast for tonight (about a 50-50) chance but not much in the way of precipitation is forecast.

I heard yesterday that Fire Bans are planned for later this week, and for good reason.

This Hairy Woodpecker is much larger than the more commonly seen Downey Woodpecker but looks much the same in all ways,IMG_5554 except the longer bill:



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A severe thunderstorm hit the Murray Valley at 2:21 AM this Saturday morning with intense lightning. At 2.23 AM a EF-2 Tornado hit near Asia Point about 5 miles east of here. We got about 2 inches of additional rain, also hail, and wind. Lost power for 5 hours also.There was a cute Eastern Wood Pee Wee singing about an hour ago; got a quick photo:


Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.33.11 AM

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I am so glad it’s been a rainy and foggy spell here. Last year, at this time, I couldn’t even get a shovel in the ground. I got about 0.65 of rain over a period of 2 full days and all the vegetation looks really good. The fog was thick, close to dense,  this Friday morning at dawn and actually took 2-3 hours to burn off. Drove in to Jasper to run errands this morning; got breakfast at the Ozark Cafe, and then the grocery store, farm store, bank, and gas station. On the way home I got a photo if a Eastern Kingbird looking directly at me (obviously, this is just prior to his departure):






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