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It has been so dreary around here ! We did get 2 hours of bright sunshine yesterday just before dark. In fact, if you have found my weather station “out”, it is because we have had 6-7 cloudy days, and it is solar powered. Photographed¬†this hawk being chased by crows late 12/21/14:



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Yesterday was a rainy and cool day; over an inch of rain and 66F almost all day. That was so nice for a change !! It cleared last evening about 5 PM, and I spotted a Red-tail Hawk in one of the trees in the yard; got close enough to get a few photos too. No red tail visible. This hawk is as “high-color” as any I have ever seen; maybe a juvenile ? I don’t this a Harlan Red-tail. ¬†I used my Canon 1DS Mark III with a Canon EF 400L DO IS f/4.0 lens:






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He finally spotted me just off Murray Road and he took off showing his beautiful red tail:


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