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Got about 100 photos yesterday in a location along the Little Buffalo River. They are a NEAR-THREATENED species with numbers declining every year due to loss of habitat. Redheaded Woodpeckers live in pine savannahs and other open forests with clear understories. Open pine plantations, treerows in agricultural areas, and standing timber in beaver swamps and other wetlands all attract Red-headed Woodpeckers.



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I went back to one of the locations where the Redheaded Woodpeckers were nesting last April and May; they are still there ! I saw one adult and one juvenile. The juveniles still have grey heads; but this one was molting fast to crimson red:


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As of yesterday there were no fleglings in the redheaded woodpecker trees I follow along the Little Buffalo in Murray, Arkansas. The two adults are still actively feeding the hatchlings; best I can tell is that there are 4 in this nest:





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Last of a series until they begin feeding their nestlings in 15 or so days.  The male is feeding the female during this period. She seems to leave only 10 minutes every hour at this point:




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More …… in this mornings thunderstorm, in a continuing series of the nesting of a redheaded woodpeckers near the Little Buffalo River just west of Parthenon:



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An ongoing series about the redheaded woodpeckers near Parthenon, Arkansas:



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The redheaded woodpeckers must be getting ready to mate and lay eggs real soon – perhaos later this week. This pair began working together on Monday 4/1/13; eating wasps and carrying nesting material and stuffing this hole:



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