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I was lucky enough to get a look at a pair of warblers nest building on Monday this week. They were in a Little Buffalo River bottoms; I had my Canon 400mm DO IS lens on my Canon 7D; they were both curious about my whistle and came faily close to me. The Male has a black mask like a raccoon:




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Yesterday was a gorgeous day; the temperature here in Murray Valley reached 40F. I spotted a pair of Red headed woodpeckers in the Little Buffalo River bottoms near their forage area. They are nesting high in some dead trees not far from the river. The pair spent the day removing old material, possibly forage, from the hole they selected; maybe making 30 trips around the tree in the hour I watched. They ate lots of wasps also. Guess they are plentiful on these sunny warner days. They are magnificent birds !!!

We are expecting a cool down the first part of this week an then much warmer next week. I now expect the main warbler and vireo migration to begin around April 15th; nesting always begins in late April and early May:



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