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I went to the beautiful Henson Creek Valley on Thursday last week. Just a 5 days after a flood, the creek looks beautiful. First photo is old bridge abutment leading to the now Private “Diamond Cave”, the second is upstream about 1 mile above the Cave on CR 20. Taken with a Canon 1DS Mark III with a Canon EF 17-40L IS Lens:

Old Diamond Cave Bridge abutment

Old Diamond Cave Bridge abutment

Above Diamond Cave

Above Diamond Cave





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Right next to the entrance gate to my place this Indigo Bunting as staked out his territory. He is singing from dawn to dusk – despite the lousy weather. He is cold and wet and probably wishes he did not migrate north. This weeks promises more below normal temperatures and more wet weather:

Taken with a Canon 7D and a 400mm Canon 400 DO IS Lens at f /5.6:



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I took the picture last winter in January after leaf-off but it was so warm that many of the under-shrubery and especially the Beeches still had some color in the leave patterns. Last February was warm and I did a March 1-4 last year (2012) comparison of low-high temperatures to this year (2013):

March 1, 2012 — Hi 80F Low 42F________ March 1, 2013 — Hi 33F Low 23F

March 2, 2012 — Hi 76F Low 40F________ March 2, 2013 — Hi 38F Low 20F

March 3, 2012 — Hi 75F Low 39F________ March 3, 2013 — Hi 52F Low 19F

March 4, 2012 — Hi 80F Low 39F________March 4, 2013 — tomorrow

Photo of Murray Road near Creeks End (Thomas Creek):

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Today is a beautiful day, in the upper 50’s (closing in on 60F). Thunderstorms are closing in on NW Arkansas from the south-west. As of noon today they are located in NE Texas but moving in our direction. I expect some rain by dark and much of Thursday. At first the nation Weather Service predicted about 2″ or more of needed rain by late Thursday night, but now it appears that they have revised the totals downward a little since last night. We got about 0.10 inches or rain overnight last night (mostly light).

Today my favorite White Breasted Nuthatch is working the backyard looking carefully under every piece of bark and enjoying the beautiful weather. He has become a little tame to me this past year and usually just circles the tree upside down when I approach; I really have a soft spot in my heart for these Nuthatches. Guess, cause they appear Crazy !



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0.67 inches of rain on December 31, and much needed. One of my best photos ever !! HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL !! A new bird for me here in NW Arkansas – a Golden Crowned Kinglet. Normally a northern bird – Canada and Alaska bound bird; they winter in the southern US;

Adult Description

  • Tiny bird.
  • Dull, olive-green on back.
  • Whitish below.
  • Wingbars.
  • Black stripe through eyes, white eyebrow.
  • Crown yellow, orange centered in male (often hidden), bordered in black.
  • Short tail.
  • In constant motion, continually flicking its wings.

Immature Description

Similar to adult, but with browner back and without yellow crown.

Cool Facts

  • Formerly breeding almost exclusively in the remote, boreal spruce-fir forests of North America, the diminutive Golden-crowned Kinglet has been expanding its breeding range southward into spruce plantings in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.
  • The Golden-crowned Kinglet usually raises two large broods of young, despite the short nesting season of the northern boreal forest.
  • The female Golden-crowned Kinglet feeds her large brood only on the first day after they leave the nest. She then starts laying the second set of eggs while the male takes care of the first brood. Despite having eight or nine young to feed, the male manages to feed them, himself, and occasionally the incubating female too.
  • Each of the Golden-crowned Kinglet’s nostrils are covered by a single, tiny feather.


Breeds in spruce and fir forests, as well as some mixed coniferous-deciduous forests.

Screen Shot 2012-12-25 at 8.57.31 AM


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The fierce look of a red tail hawk. I got within 35′ of this hawk sitting in the sun warming a few days ago:




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