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Information just released by NOAA on 3/7/13. This appears to also be a La Nina Year; years when Arkansas has large numbers of TORNADOES.

Saturday night to Monday morning there may be a state wide soaker, with heavy showers and Thunderstorms across the state of Arkansas. Heaviest rain will be southeast.

30 day and 90 days forecasts:

30 Day

Temperatures and Precipitation – near normal


90 Day


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I took the picture last winter in January after leaf-off but it was so warm that many of the under-shrubery and especially the Beeches still had some color in the leave patterns. Last February was warm and I did a March 1-4 last year (2012) comparison of low-high temperatures to this year (2013):

March 1, 2012 — Hi 80F Low 42F________ March 1, 2013 — Hi 33F Low 23F

March 2, 2012 — Hi 76F Low 40F________ March 2, 2013 — Hi 38F Low 20F

March 3, 2012 — Hi 75F Low 39F________ March 3, 2013 — Hi 52F Low 19F

March 4, 2012 — Hi 80F Low 39F________March 4, 2013 — tomorrow

Photo of Murray Road near Creeks End (Thomas Creek):

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