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This Scissor-tail Flycatcher (State Bird of Oklahoma) arrived in Jasper, Arkansas after a migration up from the southland about 2 weeks ago. He and his mate established a territory next to a field just north of the town of Jasper on Highway 7, on an old fence. Photo taken by my good friend Jan, as she was in the passenger seat and the bird was on the right side fence.  North of this field is an expansive wooded area where I believe they a nesting. I love the salmon color on the sides of their gray buff breast !

I have seen him at least a dozen times in 2-3 weeks but have been unable to capture him, until this morning at 8:30 AM; today I used a Canon 70D and a Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens. If you can’t tell in these photographs, he drags a tail about 18″ long behind him when he files and is really spectacular to watch:










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If you don’t have to get up and go. We got 0.20 since midnight and supposedly more on the way too. Barely hear a bird in the early morning anymore. Their nesting season is drawing to a close for 2013.

Yesterday, I drove to Dixon Ford on the Buffalo River; it is 22 miles above Boxley and just downstream from the two forks that  make it the Buffalo River. It was not dry as I expected, but very low. On the way back I drove up AR 16 to AR 21 to AR 43 and stopped along the Boxley valley\y in several locations. It was a beautiful summer day. I got a photo of a White Winged crow and several Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. The first I have seen a white winged crow since last September. They are  “leucistic”, partially albino. Ive got lots to do today, hope the rain stops for a while.



Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

Dixon Ford on the Buffalo

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