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I made a trip out after a few showery days. It was very foggy and 39F this morning; but, was 56F by 9 AM. Drove to the Triple Falls (actually called Double Falls) at Camp Orr on the Buffalo River; across a field. Lots of early wildflowers in bloom or getting ready to bloom soon.

The water was not high in the falls; about normal. The falls is fed by two creeks; one called Shop Creek and the other is unnamed and is about 40 feet tall. This is not the Shop Creek that flows from Alum Natural Bridge to the Little Buffalo. I did not know what to expect after the rains – but they did not total that much in the end.

I saw Bloodroot, Anemones, Toothwort, a very few opened Trout Lilies (Dog Toothed Violets – But all that were opened were the early Yellow variety), Spring Beauties, Bluets, Harbinger, and Johnny Jump Ups. Some in great numbers. No Trilliums yet. It will peak from a wildflower perspective in the next 10 days. This is a warmer sheltered and damp area.















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Looking 1700 feet down to the Henson Creek Valley from the Edge of Sherman Mountain; Parthenon in the distance under the clouds:



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The first peak is near (maybe today or tomorrow); but it is beautiful !! We are expecting 2-3 inches of rain in the next 36 hours and that will possibly make the Buffalo River from Boxley to Pruitt floatable by weeks end and through the weekend and maybe next week. There should still be a good amount of color left in some trees; making this the ideal canoe or kayak float for fall colors; A FLASH FLOOD WATCH was just issued !!


Top of Sherman Mountain looking down

Top of Sherman Mountain looking down


Driving down the 3 mile grade to the River.

Driving down the 3 mile grade to the River.


The Buffalo National  River at the bottom of the mountain.

The Buffalo National River at the bottom of the mountain.

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