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The Little Buffalo is a pretty, intimate, and sometimes intermittent smallmouth bass stream. I love to fly-fish the fast water early and late in the day. In the springtime the river is sizable and fast and very hard to fish. There are large quantities of food; crawfish, hellgrammites, minnows of all kinds, stoneflies, mayflies, and hoppers. The bass are active early and late most days. The experience of wading in the cool water and taking in the scenery is relaxing. The water is surprisingly cold. It flows underground in may locations where is cools to about 65 degrees before reemerging in a pool. Below are a few pictures of the Little Buffalo in early May, June, and August. You may click to enlarge.

In early May 2011

East Fork in May 2011

in June 2011

In June 2011

in August 2011

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