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A few photos from this morning of the results of yesterday and last nights ice sand snow storm; same location as before in the Murray Valley Only this Redtail hawk was moving and missed whatever prey he was after because of the camera click:







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Must be Spring in NW Arkansas !!! Snow and ice overnight; snow and sleet now and more ice tomorrow, thunderstorms Monday. I cannot get out, due to slick steep mountains roads and Im dying to get over the the Buffalo River to take some photos. Photo from front yard:


the photo below was tasked two days ago (2/26 at dusk); above at 1:30 PM 2/28/15


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Not a common duck to see (at least to me) on Boxley Pond last Saturday. Since last Saturday, it’s been so cold all week and I struggled to town on Wednesday. The ice was melted on Highway 327, but up at higher altitudes, like climbing out of my place, it was very icy. I am also including a photo from AR 327:




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The storm center passed right over this Arkansas County; Newton. We first received, as posted yesterday, almost 3″ of rain; then it starting around noon to a quick changeover; it began first a higher elevations of the Boston Mountains and finally down to ~1000 feet.  It was a wet snow with big flakes but was first we got an hour of ice and sleet. I drove out this morning around 8 AM to get a few photos, using a Canon 1DS Mark III Full Frame and a 17-40 Canon f/4 at f/4 zoom:









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The photos of the owl appear different than those of the previous week’s Posts, so I think there is a pair; and it is the beginning of nesting season for Barred Owls in Arkansas. They also have a flight route pattern. The start in a large sweet gum tree that is not their nesting tree, then move to a sycamore tree with a dead branch to perch on, then on the a large short leaf pine with a long dead branch, then to a backyard bluebird house, then to a dead branch of an ancient red oak, then to a fence post in my garden, and finally on to another bluebird house on the “trail” then back to the sweet gum tree. The stay at each location for 5-10 minutes and scan the snow covered ground.

These photos were taken through a therm-o-pane sliding glass door (not clean) in very low light (high ISO), so are not clear at all. This is the last of this owl series unless I catch them in the open with a clear photo shot:


IMG_9863 IMG_9857 IMG_9894

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Its May folks; not February !!! An inch of heavy snow on top of Cave Moumtain.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.36.40 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.50.07 AM

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The spring green-up has really begun; and I will be out photographing, trails, rivers, creeks, wildflowers, and dogwoods, the next week and doing a lot of fence work also. We received almost and inch of rain yesterday – yeah !!!   One of my favorite photos from last month was taken two days after a unexpected snow:


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Im in St. Louis this week. We got 11 to 16 inches of snow Sunday; varies by location; a new March record; 4th biggest snowfall of all time in St. Louis. Needless to say, its a mess trying to get around today. It’s still snowing (expecting 2 more inches). Can’t wait to get back to Arkansas.





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We got about an inch of snow in Murray Valley last night; more in the high country and along the mountain ridges. I am expecting heavy rains and thunderstorms over this coming weekend. I believe this storm will be large enough and slow moving enough to bring the rivers and creeks up. That is good news long term, but not so good news for hikers and canoeists planning this weekend.

It seems the warbler migration has gone on hold for now; so I am concentrating on woodpeckers again. They are nesting now,  as are the chickadees and Carolina wrens. The bluebird situation is disturbing for now. It seems, for the first time, I have a large influx of English sparrows (House sparrows) that are taking over every bluebird house; and because the weather is cold, the bluebirds have stopped nesting and are not defending their houses.

Here is a photo of a Red-headed woodpecker from here in the Murray Valley; they are such showy birds. I’m glad we have a few:

Red headed woodpecker

Red headed woodpecker


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On Highway 327 about half way to Deer on 12/26/12 (where they got 6 inches of snow), I tookt this photo of a young Red-tail hawk in the flurries:


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