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A few photos from this morning of the results of yesterday and last nights ice sand snow storm; same location as before in the Murray Valley Only this Redtail hawk was moving and missed whatever prey he was after because of the camera click:







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Must be Spring in NW Arkansas !!! Snow and ice overnight; snow and sleet now and more ice tomorrow, thunderstorms Monday. I cannot get out, due to slick steep mountains roads and Im dying to get over the the Buffalo River to take some photos. Photo from front yard:


the photo below was tasked two days ago (2/26 at dusk); above at 1:30 PM 2/28/15


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Not a common duck to see (at least to me) on Boxley Pond last Saturday. Since last Saturday, it’s been so cold all week and I struggled to town on Wednesday. The ice was melted on Highway 327, but up at higher altitudes, like climbing out of my place, it was very icy. I am also including a photo from AR 327:




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The storm center passed right over this Arkansas County; Newton. We first received, as posted yesterday, almost 3″ of rain; then it starting around noon to a quick changeover; it began first a higher elevations of the Boston Mountains and finally down to ~1000 feet.  It was a wet snow with big flakes but was first we got an hour of ice and sleet. I drove out this morning around 8 AM to get a few photos, using a Canon 1DS Mark III Full Frame and a 17-40 Canon f/4 at f/4 zoom:









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The photos of the owl appear different than those of the previous week’s Posts, so I think there is a pair; and it is the beginning of nesting season for Barred Owls in Arkansas. They also have a flight route pattern. The start in a large sweet gum tree that is not their nesting tree, then move to a sycamore tree with a dead branch to perch on, then on the a large short leaf pine with a long dead branch, then to a backyard bluebird house, then to a dead branch of an ancient red oak, then to a fence post in my garden, and finally on to another bluebird house on the “trail” then back to the sweet gum tree. The stay at each location for 5-10 minutes and scan the snow covered ground.

These photos were taken through a therm-o-pane sliding glass door (not clean) in very low light (high ISO), so are not clear at all. This is the last of this owl series unless I catch them in the open with a clear photo shot:


IMG_9863 IMG_9857 IMG_9894

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Its May folks; not February !!! An inch of heavy snow on top of Cave Moumtain.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.36.40 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.50.07 AM

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The spring green-up has really begun; and I will be out photographing, trails, rivers, creeks, wildflowers, and dogwoods, the next week and doing a lot of fence work also. We received almost and inch of rain yesterday – yeah !!!   One of my favorite photos from last month was taken two days after a unexpected snow:


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