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Got 2 inches of rain last evening and some Severe Storms in the area. Reached about 70F on Tuesday prior to the storms around 5 PM until 7:30 PM. Got up early this morning and drove to Lost Valley to check on Clark Creek and Eden Falls. Aside from the sleet, accumulating at times and the windy cold weather (near freezing), it was beautiful. Hiked the 2.6 mile loop to Cob Cave before 10 AM.

There were about 120-150 Elk in the Boxley Valley bottom fields; it’s probably their instincts to get to higher ground during heavy rainfall.

The Boxley Mill Pond has been filled again and the beavers have reconstructed a large Dam and repaired their lodge just upstream from the dam:

A few Photos from this morning:

Clark Creek in Lost Valley

Eden Falls in Lost Valley

Clark Creek in Lost Valley 1/30/13 at 9 AM

Clark Creek in Lost Valley 1/30/13 at 9 AM

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