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Two of the most beautiful and showy birds in these mountains are the Summer Tanager and the Scarlet Tanager. Both are moderately common through the breeding months (late April through early August). A Summer Tanager was my morning alarm clock in late May through June. They are both red in color; the Summer Tanager is more a rose colored red and the Scarlet Tanager is bright scarlet red; with black wing and tail feathers.

The Scarlet Tanager requires a much larger breeding territory (100+ acres) than the Summer Tanager (5 acres); so, there a fewer of them in a given area. Both species are great songsters and usually announce their arrival to feeding and watering locations. Both tanagers are difficult to photograph because the inhabit the tree canopy. These pictures taken with a Canon 7D using a Canon EF600 f/4 L IS lens.

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male summer tanager

male summer tanager

male scarlet tanager

male scarlet tanager at river's edge

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