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Just saw this guy when coming back from town, chased him a while, getting about 20 photos. He was sitting along Murray Road just off Highway 327. Red Tails are common here in the Parthenon and Murray Valleys. On the other hand, Red Shoulder Hawks are common to very common along out rivers here in NW Arkansas. I saw three Red Tail Hawks flying in large, very tightening circles, on Thursday morning, from my yard and calling continuously as a part of their breeding ritual. I love to hear the birds of prey and then locate them at amazing heights in the skies.

Taken with a Canon 1DS and a Canon 400 DO ID f/4.0:



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The fierce look of a red tail hawk. I got within 35′ of this hawk sitting in the sun warming a few days ago:




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On Highway 327 about half way to Deer on 12/26/12 (where they got 6 inches of snow), I tookt this photo of a young Red-tail hawk in the flurries:


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