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I took this shot from 12 feet with a Canon 600mm Lens using a Canon 7D = 960mm (1.6 crop sensor). The bee flew in, extracted pollen from a late thistle flower and left to go to another flower head:





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The American Goldfinches are busy nesting now. They nest later than other songbirds each year (usually late June – early July). They wait until the native seed crop is plentiful and then disappear from thistle tube feeders for about one month; only to return in late July – August with their fledglings. I photographed this male American Goldfinch pulling seeds from a native thistle seed head yesterday, and the one above in a valley with piles of deadwood where they often nest:




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Other then a brief thundershower on the 15th (got 0.09 inches) its been quiet here in the mountains; the in night the insects have really started screaming afterr dark. I hope we get some forcasted rain this Sunday because we are starting into another drought here in NW Arkansas. There has been a burn ban on for 3 weeks now. The thistle is just about done blooming but I did get a phopto of two Fritillaries on the last thistle heads:



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This beautiful butterfly was active very early today (the longest day of the year) on the very same thistle heads that the Amercian Goldfinches have been feasting on thi9s week. It is unusual to see butterflies out so early in the day:



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