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Let me explain. This picture was taken in the dark at a very high speed (ISO 3200 – makes a grainy photo) long before the sun rise 2 weeks ago; maybe 5:20 AM. The photograph was taken from an overlook on Shiloh Mountain. To the right are the steep coves and hollows of Beckham Creek and the headwaters of the East Fork Of the Little Buffalo River. Taylor and Henderson Mountain are to the front center and are blocking first light. The first Light can be seen over near Parthenon to the east. Reynolds Mountain is to the distant left (where it is still dark). I am located, when snapping the photo, ┬ámaybe 3 miles south of Low Gap. Northeast of Reynolds Mountain is Kilgore and Sherman Mountains along which Highway 74 runs. In the center distance, obscured in fog, is Round Top, Moss, and Smith Mountains and the town of Jasper and the beautiful Vendor Valley.

The picture is a depiction of the lower Murray Valley, where I live; the upper Murray Valley and the old settlement of Murray are completely hidden by a ridge of Shiloh Mountain to my right. There was some fog; but not lots due to the drought. Temperature on the top of Shiloh Mountain was 74 degrees; the temperature at my reporting station in the middle of the photo was 59 degrees. This day would go on to be just another 2012 100+ degree day by 2 PM. (Click to enlarge):

The Murray Valley pre dawn photo

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