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Saw these on Moss Mountain this morning; they are beautiful:

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The past 10 days have been beautiful; just like May is supposed to be (unlike last May). The rivers have plenty of water, everything is green, we had nearly 2.0 inches of gentle rain in 30 hours last week. Most of the migratory birds are busy raising their hatchlings and are not so active at this time. However, the Vireos are still busy calling and mating. I got a nice picture of a White eyed Vireo in a tussle with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher next to the Little Buffalo River over (I could not figure that out). Everyone has heard a White eyed Vireo sing, but if you dont look you probably have not seen one (taken with a Canon 50D and a EF400mm f/5.6L Lens (notice the stunning white eyes):


IMG_6218 IMG_6816

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Just two photos from near Murray, AR. on Murray Road; a nice buck and a doe:



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This appears to be a doe and her fawn from last May; they still have a tight bond to each other; I love that look of nervousness and anticipation (tails up, flags up) they show when the enter the yard in Murray, Arkansas.


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I think they cleared a 25 feet wide brush patch:


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No, it’s not an Elk !! ¬†In the Little Buffalo River bottoms:


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