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I saw an eagle landing on a tree next to the Little Buffalo River near Parthenon. They are both long shots with a Canon 1D M3 and a Canon 400 DO/IS Lens:


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Well  —  we broke an record held since recording began in 1809 here in NW Arkansas. We got 1-2 inches of snow in higher elevations on 5/3. The cold and rain continued for 2 1/2 days and its reaches 33F near dawn today. There was enough wind to prevent a heavy frost. The last few days (with little in any sun) I was able to photograph some songbirds that seemed to enjoy the cold weather; Pine Siskins and Redpolls; no doubt returning to Canada and Alaska, but must have wondered if they arrived up north already:





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WOW; old record was 4/14/11 and with this crazy and COLD weather this was the last thing I expected to see today. While checking in on the nesting Redheaded woodpeckers I spied what I thought was a male cardinal; but NO. It was a very early arriving Summer Tanager (Click to enlarge) taken with a Canon 600mm lens on a Canon 7D:


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the Serviceberry tress are coming into bloom just now. They are also known as “popcorn” trees; they look, when they are 1/2 open, like strings of popcorn dangling in the tree: the redbuds should start to open this next week after the rains and warmer weather on the way. We had light thunderstorms at 5:30AM this mornng, that dropped a little over a tenth of an inch of rain with much more coming later today and Saturday:

serviceberry (popcorn trees)

serviceberry (popcorn trees)



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It was spring, then winter, now spring again (taken today early); it’s still cold, but the blooms are waitintg to POP:



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This past two weeks has been two of the coldest in NW Arkansas late March history. Today it is sunny and supposed to reach the mid-40’s; possibly the 60s by Friday. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of spring. I lost most of my peaches this past weeka and my green “winter wheat” has gone back to a winter looking color. Here is a photo of a Red Shouldered Hawk down along the Little Buffalo River hiding in the brushy cover in the sun trying to stay warm:


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Im in St. Louis this week. We got 11 to 16 inches of snow Sunday; varies by location; a new March record; 4th biggest snowfall of all time in St. Louis. Needless to say, its a mess trying to get around today. It’s still snowing (expecting 2 more inches). Can’t wait to get back to Arkansas.





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The high temperature Thursday was 34F, the low was 34F. A storm is coming this weekend; probably later today. Need the water badly; but my mood needs sunshine. Took this photo of a Northern Cardinal thursday afternoon — this says it all about our very late Arkansas spring:



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The summits of Round Mountain and Mt. Judea were both to the south of Jasper, Arkansas were both coated with freezing fog about 4 weeks ago. I missed posting this photo at that time. Today, in honor of the cold weather coming at the end of this week; I am Posting it:


Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.11.10 AM

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I heard this Towhee a week ago. Finally shy and retiring, he could not resist the seed I put out in the snow today:

They are a strikingly marked, oversized sparrow of the East, feathered in bold black and warm reddish-browns – if you can get a clear look at it. Eastern Towhees are birds of the undergrowth, where their rummaging makes far more noise than you would expect for their size. Their chewink calls let you know how common they are, but many of your sightings end up mere glimpses through tangles of little stems.



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