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During the 1960’s and until the later-1970s a duple of rock about a mile below Ponca and above Roark Bluff gave problems to canoeists of the day. Even though the Buffalo River is rated as a Class 1 and occasionally Class 2 River, these rocks caused problems for about 50% of the canoeists. The issue was a large rock in the middle of the river which forced canoeists to the right into a rocky bank. Experienced canoeists had little problem going to the left of the whole obstruction. Going between rocks was also┬ápossible but required good ferrying and stopping skills.

During the floods of the late 1970s to the mid-1980’s the rocks where moved and buried by the flooding waters; and there is no longer a narrowed passage. Photos follow from the mid-1970’s:


1978 Jul 0028b

1978 Jul 0022

1978 Jul 0023

1978 Jul 0030



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