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Just a photo of the almost “unbeliveable eye” of the Towhee:


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Tis past week I have only seen 2-3 Monarchs, but yesterday I saw about 40-50 fluttering overhead, including this Monarch just affter sun up. We did get 1/3 inch of needed rain on Saturday:


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A very lucky shot by me of a Great Horned Owl – he/she “hooooawwd oootooo hoo hoo” and was answered almost every time, all night for several days now in a Black Walnut tree by my rear shed next to the forest; about 30-40 feet away. He is getting ready for a “long days night” of sleep in a fairly inconspicuous place. Im betting the crows find him/her today after the fog lifts:


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the wet July and August thru September has kept all the trees a lush green color but recently a little bit of yellow has started showing here and there. Yesterday looked stormy at sun up, but turned into a nice warm day; I just love the Boston Mountians !!

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View from east side of Moss Mountain just NE of Parthenon:



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Just a photo of a Damsel Fly:



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It starts today. It’s been a nice summer here the mountains in 2013. Hot in June, Wet in July, Wet and cool in August, A dry but near average September. We did get over and inch of rain on Friday and had cool and pleasant temperatures yesterday (47F — 74F) and trend will continue for a few more days. I did a lot of needed yard work and general outside chores yesterday and with a dew point of 34 it was comfortable all day long. Never saw even one cloud. I am feeling the pain today in my legs and arms.

When my friend gets here we are going on a hike. Not sure where yet; maybe a section of the BRT ? I have the netting face masks out and ready for the gnats and no-see-ums which can ruin a nice hike in September. Saw another Scissor-tail Flycatcher yesterday; this time in an open field. Lots of quail and doves in every old field.  I got one shot a 100 yards  but did capture him; they are majestic and patient:




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