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At 5:45 AM there was is not much light yet; however the Eastern Bluebirds are busy feeding their hatchlings. Going to be a very hot day; Thursday, but a Cold Front is on its way and may bring some storms tonight but a real cool down for 4-6 days with highs in the lower 80’s to about 85 and much lower humidity.

I was lucky to get this shot invery low light with a Canon 1DS and an of 2400. He was about to enter the house with a grub when I got the shot off. I was using a Canon EF600L IS at f/4.0.:



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From the backyard. They have grown quite a bit and, as is normal, they all have white tips on their tails. There are 3; only 2 of the 3 pictured:



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I have seen about 2 dozen Summer Tanagers this summer, but only 2 Scarlet Tanagers. Thats unusual for me as it is usually 2 – 1; Summer ==> Scarlet. But he landed on a dead lower branch of a old Red Oak in the backyard:


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Thinking that they would fledge 3-4 yesterday 6/22, I spend several hours closely watching the nesting hole; it did not happen. I went back today, more feeding, and slightly bolder chicks. I did, however, get lots of action shots of the pair’s final days for feeding the nestlings in their nesting hole:


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This beautiful butterfly was active very early today (the longest day of the year) on the very same thistle heads that the Amercian Goldfinches have been feasting on thi9s week. It is unusual to see butterflies out so early in the day:



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Not far from Highway 7 south of Jasper:


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It is very unusual to see a banded bird here in NW Arkansas (for me anyway). Here is an American Goldfinch with a double band on its leg. She is feasting on the huge thistle crop this year. Goldfinches are late nesters here in Arkansas; they wait for the seed crop to come in – so they are just now starting nesting, as the other birds are winding down their nesting activity:


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