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WOW ! What a contrast in color ! Click to Enlarge photos. Their are about 100 of them and they are really LOUD!:

img_8311 img_3421-1 img_3423-1 5861982225_2d3cb29a69_o

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Before all swallows, (Barn, Bank, Cliff, and Purple  comes a pair of Tree swallows, seen just outside Jasper on a guard rail this morning:




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Not a common duck to see (at least to me) on Boxley Pond last Saturday. Since last Saturday, it’s been so cold all week and I struggled to town on Wednesday. The ice was melted on Highway 327, but up at higher altitudes, like climbing out of my place, it was very icy. I am also including a photo from AR 327:




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Some in this series are HDR’s; notice the 200′ high Roark Bluff and the coloring sweet gums in front:


Drive down to Steel Creek

Drive down to Steel Creek

Bluff below Bee Bluff

Bluff below Bee Bluff (HDR)

Buffalo River

Buffalo River (HDR)

Roark Bluff (HDR)

Roark Bluff (HDR)

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I took this photo yesterday morning from the northern Boston Mountains looking north-east toward the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. The heralding of a hot day to come.



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I ran into the male Blue-Winged Yellow Warbler very early this morning; and had to use a high ISO setting to photograph him while he was gleaning insects from leaves. The high ISO setting leaves the photographs grainy.   Not only does this guy have pronounced blueish-gray wings but he also wears a black mask.

They forage mostly in upper half of trees and shrubs and probes dead leaf clusters in winter. Often hangs upside down.

NW Arkansas is the southernmost section of their breeding grounds.

Brightly colored but easily overlooked. A bird of shrubland and old fields, the Blue-winged Warbler expanded its breeding grounds northward throughout the 20th century. They have a make a nest that is an open cup of grasses, bark and dead leaves. Leaves may form cap over eggs. Usually on or near ground.








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